Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Shabby Velvet Pumpkin by GDT Elizabeth B.

Good morning Elizabeth here with my first GDT project for Shabby is Chic Boutique on Zibbet.  I have created this seasonal shabby pumpkin out of velvet material and lots of wonderful items from the SCB store.
With velvet brown fabric and velvet pink ribbons from my stash I was ready to design with Shabby is Chic Boutique Delicate laces. Included are handmade flowers and other embellishments from my own stash.
I began embellishment of this project by surrounding the top of my handmade pumpkin with SCB Dangle laces. My goal was to have the laces stream down the sides as the main overall effect. I later attached another delicate trim to the dangle laces to give the impression of longer delicate creeping vines. Surrounding the top cluster of handmade flowers, you will find bits and pieces of SCB laces as well as flowers from SCB Lace flower collar. SCB delicate pink and white lace droops down around the entire pumpkin and is the star lace of this project. This delicate pink lace gives the impression of a flowery vine streaming downward. SCB laces were embellished with pink flat back pearls to enhance the color and beauty of the lace.
 At the center is a removable skeleton cameo which enhances and brings the soft pink delicate SCB lace to life. SCB has a beautiful butterfly like trim. I cut out the butterflies and formed them as though they were ready for flight to experience a taste of a bit of nectar from another flower. In the center of each butterfly I added a pearl trim as the body. Along the edges where I wrapped the pumpkin with velvet ribbon you will find more SCB butterflies that I used to embellish as the star of that portion of this Velvet Lace Pumpkin.
Peeking through the top embellishments you will see how I utilized the soft creamy delicate SCB flowered neck applique flowers. I removed the flowers and added them throughout my project.
 I still have some of this left for my next project. Amongst the flowers peeking beneath the flower embellishments you will find more SCB dangle laces giving the edges of my design a soft blended outcome.
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