Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Shabby Mixed Media Canvas by DT Goldie Carlon

Hello all, Goldie here with my next project for Shabby is Chic Boutique on Zibbet.

I admit it, I love mixed media -- always from afar! Lol! Seriously though I do love almost all types of mixed media projects. The way some folks can put all their crafty thoughts and goodness out there and express themselves how they do is beautiful. I on the other hand, not so much. I've tried a few projects before, and always felt like it just looked like a disaster...until this time.  As part of my Design Team Package for Shabby Is Chic Boutique I asked Amy Love for her Gold Embroidered Tulle Lace. When I first asked for it I had a certain project in mind, but upon having it in hand I knew I had to go a different path. To me it looked like the edges of an ornate gilded cage.

I started this project with a 10" x 10" canvas from my stash. Decided it needed a coat of gesso. Next step I gave the canvas a light coat of gel medium and adhered only the top layer of a Black and White French Napkin which can be purchased at Shabby Is Chic Boutique in the Napkins and Paper section. (This particular napkin has four (4) images available on it instead of just one over all image making it useful for additional projects.) I dried the napkin with a quick burst of heat from my heat tool - to set it and avoid tearing. Then applied another light top coat of more gel medium to seal and gave it another go over with the heat tool. Next I gave the entire surface a spritz of homemade pink w/gold mica shimmer spray and dried it with the heat tool. It didn't feel "pink " enough so I repeated that process again and was finally satisfied with the color. 

Next step was the butterfly. I fussy cut a butterfly including the tiny antennae from just one layer of that same Shabby Is Chic Boutique 
Black and White French Napkin. (Lol! Not an easy thing to do!) I then coated a piece of white card stock with gel medium and adhered the butterfly to it. A shot on both sides with the heat tool to set it then gave the front and back a thin top coat with more gel medium and another blast with the heat tool. I then had to fussy cut again. I should say that it might have been easier to adhere the butterfly first the same way and cut once but at this point who knows. Like I said, I'm a mixed media newbie. I used white card stock as backer on purpose to allow the white areas on the butterfly to shine white. Black card seemed to dull the white areas. This being said I did want the edges and the back of my butterfly to be black so I used a black Copic marker from my stash and simply colored the back. Zero bleed through because of the gel medium. For sparkle I brushed a coat of Glitter Mod Podge to the front and back. To trusty heat tool.
Next I printed a saying onto a piece of textured pearl white card stock from my stash. I cut it up into segments and used gel medium only on the back to adhere it to the canvas. (I used to tell myself this everyday years ago.) 

Next I used plain mod podge to stiffen the above mentioned gorgeous Shabby Is Chic Boutique Gold Embroidered Tulle Lace. To speed along the drying process I used the heat tool. I will say it again, using the heat tool to speed up the process could cause damage to these delicate laces and trims but with proper care and complete attention to the task at hand it can be done.

Next step along the bottom edge of the canvas I used a strip of beautiful White Tassel Trim which can be found in the Laces and Trims section of Shabby Is Chic Boutique. I also used some birdcage veil trim from my stash, I have had this for so long I don't even remember where it came from. (The only label on it says "Birdcage Veil Trim" literally that and nothing else.) I attached this with small dots of hot glue to the back side of that nicely stiffened piece of the Gold Embroidered Tulle Lace then added foam dots for dimension at the top edge of the canvas to mimic the top of a gilded cage. I then gave the veil trim a slight tug and repeated the process to do the bottom edge of the canvas to complete the look of a cage. From here I took that sparkly butterfly and used a needle to poke a tiny hole in it and secured a spiral of gold wire from my stash to the front with a small dot of hot glue then poked a hole through the butterfly in the canvas in the exact same spot and threaded the wire through the canvas and secured the wire on the back with another dot of hot glue. To finish the butterfly, I added a black flatback pearl from my stash to cover the tiny gold wire on the front. 
Next I used the very sumptuous Rows of Pearls Trim found in the Laces and Trims section at Shabby Is Chic Boutique. I wrapped the entire outside edge of the canvas with this beautiful very well made (5 rows) flat-back pearls. I used Fabri-Tac glue to attach and it really does frame this piece perfectly. 

Lastly, to show exactly what my quote means --I ripped a hole in the birdcage veil to allow the butterfly to "escape its cage". The idea behind this entire project is just that...setting yourself free. The muted flat black butterfly inside is just a mere "shadow" to the sparkling free one that broke out of the cage.
This time I have created a mixed media canvas.  You can find details and photos of my work in the video posted below!
Thanks for stopping by today, and please check out Shabby is Chic Boutique on Zibbet.

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