Thursday, 10 November 2016

Shabby Box & Bag by GDT Sue Ann

Hello everyone, Sue Ann here today to share my first projects as Guest Designer for Shabby is Chic Boutique.


First up is this shabby little wooden box was created to demonstrate to you how we can alter laces to fit our needs. Using SCB's Heart Daisy Dangle Lace, I was able to create three different laces using just one of Amy's.
Our money will go further and also we can create something no one else has. This is not my idea and I learned this little trick from the very talented Maggie White and I must give her credit for this Fabulous trick.
 Now onto the how to...
First, give a base coat to the wooden box in your color of choice. Glue pretty paper to every area. Cut the bottom section of the lace off. I cut from the bottom of the daisies and go across my length of lace I need for my project. Glue the bottom section of lace to the bottom top edge of the box. Be sure not to glue the lid to the bottom or you won't be able to open your box. Yes I did that, lol... Now to separate the next section of the lace cut the daisy strip from the rest of your length of lace.   Put the daisy section away as we won't be using it for this project. Now glue the very top section of your lace to the very top edge of your box.
Next using SBC's 4mm white flat back pearl trim glue a length around the bottom top edge of the lid, just below the top section of the lace you previously applied to your box. Optional: you can add miscellaneous pearl pieces to each corner, and a handmade flower with bling to the center of the lid. Also add large pearls to the bottom for feet.
  Inside the box glue a piece of pretty paper to the insides as well. Please watch my video at the end of this post for more detailed instructions
My second project for this week is a Shabby/Vintage Gift Bag
First, remove the drawstring from the pouch. Paint the front and back of pouch with color of choice. Be sure to put a piece of acetate or cardboard inside your pouch to prevent it drying closed, then it will no longer be a pouch or gift bag.
Here is how I made the bag.
First, glue the scrap of lace panel completely around the pouch. Glue appliqués to front and back. Glue Heart Daisy Dangle Lace to the front and back bottom edge. Glue Pink She'll Scalloped Lace along top edge of the Heart Dangle Lace along the edge as well. Glue small flat narrow pink lace to top edge of the pouch.
Glue 4mm white pearl trim to the top edge of pouch. Also along the top edge of the pink shell scalloped lace edge. And glue pearl trim around the vintage photo. Glue the vintage photo to the front center of the pouch. Glue a white bow to each side of the pouch. Cut a length of the 6mm White Braid Trim for the strap and then glue a length of the pearl strand on top of the braid trim. Next, glue an end to each side of the pouch and add a large pearl bling to the center bottom of the pouch on top of the pink shell scalloped lace. Add a handmade stickpin to the side of the vintage photo for a final touch.
  Please see my video for more information on how I made both projects.
Thanks so much for stopping by today, please check out Shabby is Chic Boutique on Zibbet.
Big Hugs, Sue Ann


  1. The box and the bag are gorgeous , Love the laces blink everything . Rose-Marie in Canada

    1. Thank You So Mych Rose-Marie... Big Hugs, Sue Ann :)