Monday, 30 January 2017

Shabby Love Banner by DT Member Goldie

Hi everyone Goldie here. It's my turn on the blog today. It's a happy and sad day for me because I'm happy to share my 2nd design team project for the month of January, but it's sad also because it has come to the end of my term for Shabby Is Chic Boutique. Before I share the details of my project I want to give a huge thank you to Amy for asking me to be one of her designers. It's been a wonderful time and I've learned to "let" myself craft outside my comfort zone. (Lol! Yes "let" myself.) Again, thank you Amy Love! Hugs to you always girlfriend!
On to my project. Alrighty then, what I have for you this time is a cute little shabby heart "LOVE" banner. As always I used loads of Shabby Is Chic Boutique laces trims and embellishments as well as bling. Some from all of my design team kits and some from my personal Shabby Is Chic Boutique stash. (The struggle is real ladies, I really do have 2 specifically designated areas in my craft room where I store my SCB items.) I did also use a few other items from my craft stash to make this project. 


I started by cutting 2 heart shape layers of muslin for each heart. I added a layer of quilt batting in between for extra fullness as well as stability. These layers were all adhered with a small amount of hot glue, leaving only the top portion of each heart open to facilitate hanging. Next I used layer of flat lace from my stash, I spritzed this with homemade pink with gold glimmer spray to add a pop of color behind Amy's adorable SCB crochet heart doilies. Next, I used Fabri-Tac to adhere a bit of vintage lace to the back of each heart doily. After deciding exactly where I wanted the doilies to rest on the muslin, I added layers of luscious dangle trims from Shabby Is Chic Boutique, I offset each layer to add to the illusion of "fullness". Next, I adhered the crochet doilies to now be-dangled muslin hearts. My project was really beginning to take shape.
At this point I have four muslin hearts with dangles, pretty pink background behind crochet doilies...I think to myself- "Nice, now for the fun part". I knew I needed bows. I wanted bling (umm, duh Goldie lol). I wanted butterflies. And I knew one way or another I had to incorporate the beautiful Wooden Landmark Buttons from SCB. These buttons have amazing graphics. So this is how this pretty shabby travel inspired "Love" banner came to a conclusion. Using hot glue I edged the crochet doilies with 4mm light pink flat back pearl trim. Then I tied a knot in each button center with pink and white striped bakers twine then glued it in the center of a cream colored chiffon shabby rosette from my stash. I also added a tiny rhinestone to each button for sparkle. Next I made a small pink seam binding double bow for each heart and attached at the bottom with hot glue. Next I added letters to spell out "LOVE". These are gold glitter foam stickers from my stash. I've had these for so long I have no idea where they came from. From here I moved on to the butterfly sections.
Each butterfly section is exactly the same. I used a piece of Shabby Is Chic Boutique dangle lace. I added a tiny pink rhinestone from my stash to the end of each point. I gave each SCB butterfly applique a spritz with that same homemade glimmer spray for a color pop then added a gorgeous SCB Pearl and Rhinestone bling piece. I also used a jump ring to dangle a Silver Heart Charm also from SCB. Lastly I added 2 tiny rhinestones to the tip of each antenna for even more sparkle!
From here I'm trying desperately to decide how this beauty is going to hang. In my search through what is now craft room chaos, I have discovered that I am seriously low on several key items to any craft stash due to over use - no jute, where did all that ribbon go? There's no way I'm using THAT color! I have other plans for that piece of lace! Man, I really did think I had more lace than this!? I don't want to go out right now, besides that the store is closed! Wow, how did I get here? Lol!! Okay, so after all of that, I decided to use a strand of soft cream colored pearls. I used Fabri-Tac and hot glue to encase the pearls between the back layer of muslin and the quilt batting to keep the "lump" towards the back side away from the decorations on the front. For the butterfly sections I glued the pearl strand between the butterfly and the dangle lace. It is barely noticeable on the back. I like that.

For a finishing touch, I added tiny acrylic flowers in pink, white and cream to the end of every dangle on each heart. I then used a dot of Glossy Accents to add a tiny rhinestone to every single acrylic flower. Lastly, I added a tiny cream colored acrylic flower and a pink rhinestone to each seam binding bow. I do love how this banner came out, it really does hang nicely but I can say if I had to do it over again I would change only one thing, and that would be hanging direction. I do believe for my available space this would be better if it hung vertically instead of horizontally. As it stands currently, horizontally it is and horizontally it will stay. Now to get my hubby to help me hang it...

Big crafty hugs and an even bigger THANK YOU AGAIN for having me as a design team member ~ Goldie
Don't forget to check out my video for a closer look at this project and as always please do remember to go over to Shabby Is Chic Boutique on Zibbet to grab everything you can for your upcoming shabby vintage craft projects for this year. 

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