Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Parisian Inspired Pillows by DT Member Goldie

Hi everyone Goldie here. While patiently waiting (yeah right!) for my December design team package I wasn't sure what to expect. This month I asked Amy to surprise me, you know like those cooking shows, open the box and surprise, see what you can do with what you have. Well let's just say I was pleasantly surprised and why wouldn't I be. I mean seriously, Shabby Is Chic Boutique and Amy Love have some of the most beautiful trims, laces and other goodies available on the market today! 

During the wait for my package to arrive I did what we all love to do, I perused Pinterest for inspiration. (I do this at least 3 times a week.) When I saw what Amy chose for me I was so excited because I knew exactly what I was doing with it. 

Shabby vintage-ish style pillows. I used some fabric from my stash as well as my sewing machine and a few odds and ends to create this adorable set of pillows.


For the largest pillow I used Shabby Is Chic Boutique Glittered Polka Dot Tulle Lace, Embroidered Sequined Trim, White Tassel Trim, 2 Cream colored Rolled Roses and 1 Copper colored Rolled Rose. (These are beautifully made.) I also used a bit of the White Pearl Garland. All of these items were either sewn on or glued on using Fabri-Tac glue. I love how this pillow turned out!
 The medium sized pillow was very simply done with Shabby Is Chic Boutique White Rosette Trim down the center front, glued with Fabri-Tac glue. Down the center on the reverse side I used the 6mm White Braid Trim. I then used a needle and thread to draw the center of the pillow inwards. (I love this look.) To cover the stitches in the back center I used a Shabby Is Chic Boutique Rhinestone Cameo from my own Shabby Is Chic Boutique stash (it does exist) and a Mini Doily Applique from my package to make a beautiful center that was attached with hot glue. To finish off the front I used a bit of hot glue to adhere the very sparkly Gold Bling with Pearl. I can't decide which side I like better as they both turned out fantastic. 

On the small pillow I used Shabby Is Chic Boutique White Stretch Lace sewed at the outside edges as I attached the front and back sides of the pillow together. To finish this cute little pillow I used needle and thread to draw the front and back centers together, I also gathered the White Stretch Lace at the center and stitched it in place. To cover the stitching on the back I hot glued a small flat back pearl from my stash. For the front I used hot glue to add 2 dangle bits from the White Tassel Trim, then added some White Pearl Garland. For a centerpiece I used a Mini Doily Applique and a larger flat back pearl from my stash. I think this one turned out adorable. I discovered I've been actually using it as a pincushion. Thinking it needs to move to the bedroom with the others. 
Lastly, I made a sachet for a closet or drawer. I used 2 of Shabby Is Chic Boutique Heart Appliques. I applied a little amount of hot glue and adhered some white tulle from my stash to the backside of each applique. Then glued them together back to back leaving an opening at the top. I filled this little lovely with a delightful smelling tea called Winter Mist. Yes, I said tea! (It's my favorite and makes the whole house smell like Christmas all the time.) I closed the top with glue. I used small dabs of hot glue to adhere Shabby Is Chic Boutique 6mm Ivory flat back Pearl Trim around the edges on the front and back I used a bit of white seam binding from my stash to make a hanger as well as a double bow for each side. To add some sparkle, I added a Shabby Is Chic Boutique Mini Teardrop Bling to the center of each bow. This tiny delight turned out so sweet. I'm thinking I have to make more of these!!
Thank you Amy for choosing the items that you did, I think everything worked out perfectly. Also thank you to everyone for your time and attention today, don't forget to go see all the wonderful things Amy has to offer at Shabby Is Chic Boutique so you can create your own set of shabby chic pillows.

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